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International Mold Steel
Machining Services

Milled Plates and Blocks from IMS
Top and Bottom or 6 Side Milling

"What could cost you hours, takes us minutes."

We recently milled a block 4.875" x 14-1/4" x 16-1/4" taking .375" off the top and bottom and taking .250" off the width and length. On a typical vertical machining center this would take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. This includes setup as well as machine time. With our new equipment (see photos) it took us under an hour to setup and machine the block square 6 sides.

6 Side Milled Block 
Block Dimensions: .375" to 9.00" Thickness 
(2.75" to 31" Width X 2.75" to 31" Length) 

Top & Bottom Milled Plate 
Plate Dimensions: .375" to 11.81" Thickness 
Up to 31.50" Wide 
Up to 51.18" Long 

Size: +.004” -.000 
Square: .001” per/ft

For closer tolerances please call us.

Gun Drill

International Mold Steel is pleased to announce the addition of a Gun Drill to our list of processes. We are adding this feature to go along with our new squaring equipment. Together they allow us to supply our material squared up and drilled to your specifications without any delay to the customer.


  • Maximum diameter: 2"
  • Maximum length: 84"
  • Spindle speed (main): 3400 RPM
  • Spindle speed (auxiliary): 2000 RPM
  • Travel vertical (main): 60"
  • Travel vertical (aux): 60"
  • Travel, cross: 96"
  • Table size: 60" x 106"
  • Main spindle: 15 HP
  • Auxiliary spindle: CAT #50
  • Column travel, W axis: 96”
  • Run Out Tolerance: .002" per 12” in length

Equipped with:

  • STS Drilling
  • Cross Line Drilling
  • Tarus Multi-Axis Control MDL MBX92-Updated in 2001 with Windows Based Control Software Updated in 2007
  • Coolant and Filtration System
  • High Pressure Pump Assembly
  • Operators Movable Control Console with Allen Bradley Drives and Controls
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Machining Services

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